A new type of photography studio captures your life in artistic portrait shots

The unique studio atmosphere
and automated process will allow you to create professional photos in just 5 minutes.

Lilophoto gives you the chance to capture your genuine look and reveal your nature in a photo.
«No photographer — no stress. Just you, camera, light and amazing portrait as a result.»

Maxim Mnyakin, CEO Lilophoto USA

How does it work?

Choose comfortable

lighting option

The studio holds
a session of 20 shots
Edit the 
selected photo
Print and receive
a photo by e-mail
Photos are always of the highest quality
Professional equipment
We use only high quality equipment and studio lighting, selected by us for special shooting conditions.
Optimal settings
Photo and lighting equipment was configured by professional photographers and lighting designers.
Original software
A simple and user-friendly interface allows you to quickly understand how the studio works.
Project partners
Сhoosing a partner, we focus on experience and high quality. Only in this case you can achieve the best result.
Our Contacts
Fill out the form or contact us at the specified contacts.
433 Plaza Real Suite 275
Boca Raton Florida 33432
United States of America
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